Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Green, oh, its the magic color.

      Well, where did the summer go? It seems like just yesterday Erin was arriving to Juneau on the ferry with her Mom and we were looking towards a long summer filled with tour guiding and turd wrangling(common musher term).  Now the whole month of July has escaped us once again, and we look towards our Fall and Winter as a time to recollect and not answer what an "Alaskan Husky" is.  I have accomplished lots this summer, and am happy that once again my life is afloat and full of wonder.
       The crew went whale watching a while back, and we spent time watching whale tails, bubble netting, and a few breaches while I tried out my new telephoto lens.  I think that one of the best purchases was my digital SLR, and now with the zoom zoom in full effect, I can capture so much more of the amazing things I experience with the people around me. The fun continued as Erin and I went hiking to a cabin on South Douglas to meet up with a couple great friends, and inevitably spending the night there after finding out the three mile hike was essentially up a mountain and over several creeks.  The 25 guitar in case became a small burden after a bit, but surely payed off as I did my rendition of "cotez the kille" by Neil Young, fireside.  Kayaking, mushing, eagle watching, and music filled July to gills, and we slowly slipped into August with breeze and ease.
       King Tut, however, had quite an encounter the other day.  He met his first porcupine, who left him with 120 quills for dad to pull out, fun.  He is know recuperating in the tent, almost ready to endure the subcutaneous quills that are festering out.  Ketza on the other hand has been dominating lead position, barking and charging when it's wet and cold, and frolicking when it warms up.  I am so thankful to have such great dogs, I tend to be especially modest of Ketza who was trained very well by Trevor, who  I adopted her from almost two years ago.
       The tour season has been very busy, but have successfully finished my mural, which I have posted above for you all to enjoy.  Hopefully you can recognize a few of the dogs in the team, they are all from our camp, except one little Californian cattle dog. I received tour guide of the month for May and June, am awaiting July, and working on August.  Tour guide of the season is the goal, and I will not be able to do this without the help of the guests whom I give tours to.  Thank you all for your help, it is an honor to be recognized for the dedication and hard work we put in to the lifestyle we live so passionately for.  My pack of dogs is holding very strong, and I have a few new editions to the yard.  Piper, from Martin Buser, is 30 days pregnant and very eager to meet all visitors, and also Mouse who has 11 week old pups is now one of my main leaders.  A truly great addition to the kennel, they both have great attitudes and evenly matched appetites.  These are the two best qualities in any sled dog.  Four feet and a thick coat help too.
        So as I approach beer season, I will update once a week, as I travel through the Western United States tackling a most difficult job and journey.  I have 25 states to visit, and about 5 months to do so.  I think I'm up for it, but again will need all the help I can get from folks like you that support a traveling man's dream of seeing the United States of America, her breweries, and her fine population.  I will also ask many of you for a couch to sleep on, and some cold clean water for the pooches.  Happy trails all, and see you soon, I can hardly wait to see what August and September holds for my big happy family!