Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home to Me is Reality

Mile:be back next fall

       Wow, it's almost been a month since my last entry.  My focus has shifted from photojournalism and drinking to, well, writing.  Though my blogging has been dormant, the book has been more alive than ever.  As I approach the beginning of my work season here in Juneau, it is my mission to get as many stories published so that one day the "great publisher in the sky" will see that I indeed have been a busy beaver writing up a storm.  As I write, I have found my way to south east Alaska, tucked away in the spring mix of snow and rain.
       The peaks, some 3,000ft. on average, are coated with snow, and they sit still awaiting the warm weather, much like the inhabitants of the State's Capital.  I just got down a couple days ago from Skagway where we worked on several projects for our set-up of our glacier dog camps.  I suppose I should back track a little, I mean, since the last post I was lucky enough to get one last weekend with erin before I left for the north. 
       Parkersburg, West Virginia, was half way for us, and the weekend was really great.  Our stomach's full of ice cream, our minds drenched with budget cable, and our legs worked from walking around civil war relics.  The weather was the warmest I would see again until July, around 60, and the dogs had no problem with that at all.  It's truly a blessing to be able to spend time with someone who supports your dreams, but just as easily welcomes you into their own heart or home.  I suggest everyone search endlessly until they meet someone as encouraging as this, they do exist, I promise;) 
       18 hours of flying later, I arrived to Juneau, then up to Skagway, then a 1,200 mile road trip to Fairbanks to pick up some custom touring sleds for the company with my good buddy Dustin.  The road, arguably the harshest I have ever driven, was muffled by Adam Corrola podcasts and Willie Nelson tunes, a nice change of pace from the frost heaves and powerstroke diesel.  After some bluegrass and a welcoming stay with Thomas and Megan, Dustin and I headed back to Skagway, picking up an ex-boxer turned dog musher along the way.  Only in Alaska. 
       So now my focus has come full circle, as I have had some promising leads on getting stories published, from prominent magazines here in Alaska.  I am thankful as always that this book has gained momentum, and the continued support of you readers motivates me further on this journey towards "beervana."  Now I patiently await the arrival of the tour season, and my girlfriend, all in just three short weeks.  I am happy to be back home in Alaska, where the Alaskan brewery reigns supreme, and those who work hard are living the dream!